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Raising Fearless Girls

May 21, 2020

In this episode of Raising Fearless Girls, 

We talk with Stephanie Hendrick. Stephanie is the Founder of Meant for More, a platform designed for today's female entrepreneurs & mom + entrepreneurs alike. Through Motivational Speaking, Business Coaching 1:1 & the release of her debut book, she inspires and shifts the mindset barriers holding so many women from pursuing their purpose & scaling their businesses. Alongside her husband, they grew their first business over 800% in the first eight years. From bankrupt in her early 20's to creating a seven figure business, she knows firsthand the intricacies of scaling & the balancing act it takes to be married to your business partner + raise two daughters, and  build a thriving business. Realizing fulfillment wasn't tied to a number, she pursued the purpose within her: motivating women into action around their big ideas & equipping them with how to do so. 


In this episode with Stephanie Hendrick, we discuss:

  • Her transition from the mortgage lending business to becoming an author and speaker
  • Why she decided to follow her dreams
  • Intentionality with her two daughters
  • Being mindful of what our daughters see us do and what they hear from others
  • Her upcoming book Meant for More comes out in August/September 2020

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This week's question is:

 Have you ever thought to yourself, “I’m meant for more,” and what followed that thought? Did you know what the “more” was for you?

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