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Raising Fearless Girls

May 28, 2020

Raising Fearless Girls 

Podcast Show Notes 

Date: May 27, 2020

Episode: 8

Title: Alisha Carlson

In this episode of Raising Fearless Girls,

We talk with Alisha Carlson. Alisha is a Non-Diet Lifestyle Coach and creator of The Mindful Eating Project. She is passionate about helping women feel better in their bodies through food, movement, mindset, and non-diet strategies so that they can create + live their best life.


Alisha takes an inside out approach to health and wellbeing, helping her clients gain clarity on their vision for their lives, so that they have a clear, no-bull blueprint. She helps her clients create a custom plan that fits into the rest of their lives instead of the other way around. 


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In this episode with Alisha Carlson, we discuss:

  • Why Alicia became a health coach
  • Teaching life skills classes in an alternative high school
  • Practicing visualizations with her students
  • Being obsessed with health may be another type of eating disorder, orthorexia
  • Deeper meaning behind body image 

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This week's question is: 

What do you say about your own body in front of your daughter? 

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