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Raising Fearless Girls

Apr 16, 2020

Dr. Robyn Koslowitz is a child psychologist and the founder of Targeted Parenting. Through her program, she helps parents identify their child's specific needs before starting therapy, thus shortening the time needed for therapy. In this episode, Dr. Koslowitz explains why developing a solid bond with our daughters is the key to instilling our parenting styles and how self-confidence is at the root of compassion. She's an expert at turning what we see as flaws or roadblocks within ourselves or our daughters into full on Super Powers! 

Listen in to hear:

  • How Targeted Parenting works
  • Why and how to build a relationship with your daughter
  • Dealing with your daughters' insecurities
  • Owning your mistakes 
  • How you are modeling life for your daughter
  • Confidence in girls
  • Stop comparing ourselves to other moms
  • Turning flaws into Super Powers


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